VIDEO: Derrick Gardner & The Big dig! Band – Melody For Trayvon

“Melody for Trayvon” is dedicated to the African-American teen Trayvon Martin, whose senseless slaying in a neighbourhood watch fiasco in Florida in 2012 initiated a firestorm of riots and protests over gun violence. As a composer and a student of human history, I see my music as a kind of activism. I’m invoking sadness, solemnity, and anger in the minor tonality and the weight of the orchestration—I want to create an empathic response that will move us toward eliminating this kind of sanctioned brutality. The tune opens and closes with two trumpets, one open and one muted, connected in a lament. For the band, this was an immersive experience—we did the whole thing in one take, then sat for a few moments in a deep silence, knowing we had shared something profound. Soloists: Derrick Gardner (muted trumpet), Curtis Taylor (trumpet), Mark Gross (alto sax), Rob Dixon (tenor sax), Vincent Gardner (trombone)

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